Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Doh Svedanyah Lyeto (Poet's note -- to be read aloud) Charge your glasses and toast the summer 'Fifteen
Gone much too quickly, as if never been.
Yet hints of it linger to buoy the keen
As Autumn approaches and changes the scene.

I have counted days passing, while sat at the shore
I have slept in the sunshine and woke wanting more
I pondered the Pleiades and wondered "What for?"
I will not leave summer, like the party's last boor.

I secure the lee line and make everything fast
The fisherman throwing the redemptive cast.
And though I deny it, the truth outs at last
Fewer days lie ahead than exist in my past

The dripping faucet gets the plumber
Behind the beat the lazy drummer
The silent rock grows ever dumber
A muted witness to the last of summer.

Our youth is betrayed by our bodies last treason
So put down your labor and come join with me son Time marches on without rhyme or reason
I mourn the passing of more than the season

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