Monday, November 09, 2009

Just a little note to help myself and anyone else with this problem. If you're trying to use Tomcat inside Intellij and you have the free version of AVG, you'll get a "port 8080 already in use" exception.

This is because AVG blocks applications from getting that port. Interestingly enough you CAN start tomcat from the command line (\bin\catalina.bat start).

The easiest fix is to change the server.xml file in \conf\server.xml and replace every instance of 8080 with 8000 (or some other port). Then in Intellij in your tomcat configuration, make the broswer start page be localhost:8000 and fire it up!

I posted this on the Jetbrains developer board too:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gay, straight, black, white --
Marriage is a civil right.
Deny the few when you are many,
And when YOU need rights,
you won't have any.

Oppress the rich with your moral authority?
Welcome tyranny of the majority.

If the rich are forced to pay because the majority votes to tax them
Then any right can be lost if the majority decides to ax them.