Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Chuck Hobbs

My friend Chuck Hobbs, a frequent and eloquent writer to places like The Hill posted a photo on facebook which included a naked breast to make a point.  Facebook responded by suspending his account and silencing an eloquent voice.

In particular Mr Hobbs is a voice of reason regarding the state of race relations in our country and a proponent of peaceful interaction.  Because he refuses to preach hatred he is an enemy of those who wish for us ti implode.  I suspect that someone like this complained about his post.

Facebook!  Give up the censorship!  You're making a mistake in this specific case as well as in general.  Trying to censor the web is a ridiculous idea -- people will always be able to get around whatever guardianship you try to implement.  You are making an admirable attempt to curtail hate speech, and I appreciate your motive -- but the greatest gift Facebook has given to us is the ability for diverse people to come together for sophisticated conversations.

Don't take back your greatest gift by trying to censor these conversations.  It's better to let us converse freely.

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