Friday, October 31, 2014

Rick Marciano for State Representative in Beverly, Massachusetts

In the 6th Essex race the Salem News editorialized: “... Parisella has certainly earned another two-year term...”  Apparently the editors have not been reading the excellent reporting of Paul Leighton who detailed the conflict of interest complaint filed against Parisella and his subsequent quitting of his job.

And though that weighs on my mind, I’m voting for Rick Marciano because of 3 votes Jerry made.  

24 Hour Review Time for Bills Vote # H2015.1

This was a vote on Amendment #1 to the Joint Rules for the years 2013 and 2014 (H2015). Supporters sought to require the budget to be posted online for 24 hours before a vote, after it emerges from the Conference Committee. -  Rep. Parisella voted against this

Requiring Committee Votes to be Published Online Vote # H2015.3  

This was a vote on Amendment #3 to the Joint Rules for the years 2013 and 2014 (H2015). Supporters sought to require committee votes be published online. Rep. Parisella voted against this

Require Six Public Hearings Before Raising Taxes Vote # H3700.234

This amendment would have required six public hearings before legislation containing new taxes or tax increases could be voted on.  Rep. Parisella voted against this.

These three votes I think would have improved accountability and transparency  in our state government.  These votes however indicate clearly that those in power do NOT want to be accountable or transparent.  

I don’t blame the Representative for voting as leadership instructed him -- this is how Massachusetts government has been played for many years now -- and Democrats who cross the speaker are in a dangerous position.

That is why I’m supporting Rick Marciano for State Representative.  Rick can be counted on to speak his mind and vote his conscience.  He will not “play ball” with the speaker to hide the things that they would prefer to sweep under the rug.  Scandal after scandal has tarnished our state government, with the probation department scandal having recently convicted 3 more government employees.

I’m voting for Rick because I want someone who owes nothing to the speaker or the governor or either party -- but instead is independent and works for Beverly. Rick won't have to quit a job because of a conflict of interest. Rick has committed to working ONLY the State Rep job and giving the people of Beverly full time representation.
Sincerely, Daniel Fishman

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