Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calvin R. Hill for City of Worcester School Committee

My co ex-MGH Institute of Health Professions colleague and generally good guy Calvin R. Hill is running for School Committee in Worcester MA. Calvin and I worked together for a year, and that was enough for me to form a pretty good impression of the guy.

Calvin's a person who get's things done, but he doesn't act before he understands the situation.  In my role as Software Architect at the IHP, I worked with Calvin (who was the Chief Diversity Officer) on adding diversity questions to the course and faculty evaluations the students completed every semester.  It would have been easy to just hand me a few cookie cutter questions and have them thrown into the evaluations, but Calvin made me wait a few days, while he researched and consulted with some faculty and students so that the questions that ended up in the evaluation were specific about the IHP and the medical profession.  After that I had several more opportunities to work with Calvin, and though we were natural enemies (he being a Kansas fan, and I being from UT), I grew to appreciate the careful and complete way he solved problems.

I'm not sure of Calvin's political affiliation, but for me, all politics are local.  I think we're better off having people who ethical, straight shooting and diligent in public office regardless of party.  Worcester NEEDS people who will be thorough.  I am happy to say that Calvin fits that bill, and it's unusual to see a man of his abilities looking to serve the public in such an important, but thankless roll.

I would like to encourage my readers who live in Worcester to become acquainted with Calvin's campaign, and if you don't live in Worcester, but know someone who does, please send them here.  You can learn more about Calvin and his campaign at the campaign's facebook page.

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