Monday, April 28, 2008

Where is We recently moved, and I ran our of my house. For the moment, I'll point the DNS here to keep my fan updated. I'll do my best to write a thing or 2 about the new placem, the move, etc.


onion_joe said...

Hey fishdan,

I would like to reprint (with a couple modifications) your post from slashdot #23142790 in my local paper, with credit given, of course. I live in the Bible Belt, and your post is polite and succinct, and might even change a few minds.

I will make a few modifications to make it more appropriate for a letter to the editor.

You can find me on ./ as onion_joe 625886. My email is public.

I will not submit it until I have your OK on the final draft, if you even desire to have it submitted.

Thanks for your time, fellow /.er


Dan Fishman said...
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Dan Fishman said...

You may use this freely. I thought I'd post a link here to anyone who wants to read the original post in its original context: